list of quests

See the burgher houses of Gdańsk!

location: Gdańsk duration: 35 mins.

An excursion down the streets of Główne Miasto to get to know the unique history and architecture of a few burgher houses of Gdańsk. It is also an excellent opportunity to see the places of birth, living or work of renowned citizens of Gdańsk.

the best results:
  • 1. Boćki (19 points in time 21 mins.)
  • 2. Atena (19 points in time 26 mins.)
  • 3. Izabela (18 points in time 21 mins.)
  • 4. xxx (18 points in time 22 mins.)
  • 5. Maja (18 points in time 28 mins.)
  • 6. loszki (18 points in time 35 mins.)
  • 7. Elvis (17 points in time 34 mins.)
  • 8. Magda (17 points in time 43 mins.)
  • 9. Ulik (16 points in time 47 mins.)
  • 10. weronika (15 points in time 1 mins.)
  • 11. Niki (15 points in time 1 mins.)
  • 12. W (15 points in time 21 mins.)
  • 13. Bartek (15 points in time 49 mins.)
  • 14. robert (15 points in time 82 mins.)
  • 15. Artur (14 points in time 2 mins.)
  • 16. W (13 points in time 5 mins.)
  • 17. paulina (13 points in time 16 mins.)
  • 18. Kama (12 points in time 8 mins.)
  • 19. asia (12 points in time 25 mins.)
  • 20. oli (11 points in time 6 mins.)
  • 21. asia (9 points in time 7 mins.)
  • 22. anna (8 points in time 4 mins.)
  • 23. duchy (8 points in time 15 mins.)
  • 24. Artur (7 points in time 7 mins.)
  • 25. weronika (6 points in time 6 mins.)
  • 26. weronika (6 points in time 57 mins.)

Green Gdansk

location: Gdansk Oliwa duration: 45 mins.

A quest thanks to which participants can learn about the unique location of the city. They can visit the Oliwski Park, have a glance at the Oliwskie Forests and, finally, walk to the Valley of Joy (Dolina Radości) in the Tricity Landscape Park (Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy). The beautiful scenery and unique places make you want to return there!

the best results:
  • 1. Sylwia (21 points in time 3 mins.)
  • 2. anna (21 points in time 79 mins.)
  • 3. paulina (19 points in time 8 mins.)
  • 4. Michal (19 points in time 57 mins.)
  • 5. Karolina (18 points in time 10 mins.)
  • 6. Sylwia (16 points in time 2 mins.)
  • 7. hork (15 points in time 5 mins.)
  • 8. W (14 points in time 6 mins.)
  • 9. Asia (12 points in time 5 mins.)
  • 10. bs (10 points in time 5 mins.)
  • 11. pawel (7 points in time 1 mins.)

Kayaking on Motlava

location: Gdańsk duration: 120 mins.

A kayak excursion on the Motlava will make it possible to look at the city from the water level. Participants will learn about marine traditions of the city and about the history of places and buildings located on the bank of Motlava.

the best results:
  • 1. laura (19 points in time 7 mins.)
  • 2. asia (14 points in time 4 mins.)

how to play

To travel the questing route select any quest in the application and go to the starting point. Following the instructions expressed in the poetic instructions, move to the next waypoint solving puzzles and ultimately reaching the finish line. There information about the number of points scored, time and place in the ranking is given. How points are scored? For each correct answer the participant receives 4 points. In case of doubt or problems with finding another location, you can use the HELP option, but then 1 point is subtracted. If you choose the wrong answer another 1 point is subtracted. Note: in order to compete in the ranking you must be connected to the Internet!


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Quests administrator:, tel. (+48) 58 305-70-80

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